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A competent business data analyst could mean the difference between great success and merely existing as a company. Which do you prefer? Companies that continually want to grow and excel must be prepared to compete at the highest level. Business data consulting is a big part of that preparation.

There is no doubt we live in a data-driven world in 2017. Furthermore, companies figuring out how to make the best use of the data they collect and analyse are the same companies that are leading their respective industries. If you need proof, just look around at the growing number of business data consulting services cropping up all over the UK. Such services are in demand because they generate real, tangible results for companies that use them.

New Cardiff Business Intelligence Centre

As an experienced business data analyst, it is my job to keep an eye on the pulse of modern business. I pay a great deal of attention to industry news so as to always be fully aware of what's going on around me and my clients. For example, I am quite interested in the fact that a company known as Pageant Media has selected Cardiff as the location for a brand-new business intelligence centre. The facility will expand Pageant's operations and create dozens of jobs.

Officials in Wales are obviously delighted by Pageant Media's decision to locate in Cardiff. That decision was made a little easier by a £300,000 investment from the Wales Business Finance Scheme. Pageant intends to offer 25 jobs immediately upon opening the new centre, expanding that to 60 jobs over the next three years.

The new business intelligence centre is by no means indicative of a start-up just looking to get its foot in the door. To the contrary, Pageant Media is a company with nearly 20 years under its belt. What began with just two employees in a small office has become a significant company of more than 200 employees in multiple countries speaking 17 different languages.

Business Intelligence Is the Future

It is impossible for me to understate the importance of business data consulting and business intelligence. UK businesses are no longer operating on a small scale with only local and regional competition to worry about. They are operating in a global environment, an environment in which the stakes are much higher than they have ever been.

Data is everything to the modern business. As a business data analyst, I know first-hand that how a company collects and puts data to use is critical to long-term success. If your company doesn't put a lot of stock in business intelligence, it also doesn't put a lot of stock in its own future.

I am a business data analyst and expert in turning business data into meaningful information that company owners and directors can use to plot a successful path going forward. If your company is ready to move forward in the era of big data, we need to talk.


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