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My success as a freelance business intelligence analyst depends a lot on my ability to recognise emerging trends. What's more, I need to be able to apply those trends to the business intelligence advice I offer clients. This is the time of year when I really have to do my research. I have to look at trend predictions made late last year along with signs that those trends are now beginning to emerge.

The first couple of weeks of 2018 have already been interesting to the competent business data analyst. We are already seeing a number of trends that could not only influence business decisions over the next 12 months, but also have a long-term impact on how thought leaders drive their industries in the years ahead.

Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

Artificial intelligence has been a holy grail among software developers and engineers for years. Now it looks like decades of hard work and research are finally paying off. We are seeing the pay-off through the introduction of numerous technologies – like chat bots. A chat bot is an automated app capable of carrying on human-like conversations with consumers.

The realism and capabilities of modern chat bots are making them more attractive than ever before for customer service functions. Chat bots are being used to answer customer questions, provide solutions to specific problems, and even direct purchases.

Blockchain Applications

Technology enthusiasts know that blockchain technology is what makes cryptocurrencies valuable. In fact, the first blockchain was created to provide ledger functions for Bitcoin. But blockchain is not limited to financial transactions. It can be used as a platform for building all sorts of independent, decentralised applications requiring sophisticated tracking, immutability, and strong fraud protection.

From the perspective of a business data analyst, I can clearly see the potential for blockchain to completely revolutionise how businesses use apps. Any C-suite not staying abreast of the direction blockchain is taking is doing a tremendous disservice to the organisation beneath it. Likewise for CTOs, IT executives, cyber security experts, and software engineers.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption

My role as a freelance business intelligence analyst has afforded me plenty of opportunities to look into cloud computing on behalf of clients. I have noticed that larger enterprises have been slow to adopt the cloud – almost as slow as government. But that is changing. The cloud's appeal is becoming more apparent at the enterprise level, leading a number of corporations that had previously ignored the cloud to get on board with it. I see no reason why this trend will not continue.

Business intelligence is all about recognising current and future trends and then adopting those trends where they prove to be productive. This is what I do. If you'd like to know more about the emerging trends of 2018 and how they could affect your business, I would be more than happy to speak with you. My business intelligence services are forward thinking, affordable, and beneficial to organisations of all sizes.

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