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Every business relies upon the efforts of individual employees to keep things running. Without conscientious, hard-working employees doing what they do, no company can succeed. And at the core of how employees perform are the relationships between them.

Employee relations is an aspect of HR management that directly addresses the relationships between employees. Good employee relations dictate that staff members treat one another with respect; that they work to resolve any problems between them; that they support one another throughout the work day so that they can collectively do what needs to be done.

As an experienced HR adviser who has worked with companies throughout the Thames Valley, I routinely encourage HR employee training as a means of improving employee relations. When HR staff know how to foster good employee relations, the entire company benefits.

Fostering a Teamwork Approach

One of the first skills involved in HR employee training is how to foster an attitude of teamwork among staff members. Depending on the size and scope of a business, training can be quite extensive. Teamwork should be fostered not only among the various members of individual teams, but also among multiple teams working in the same organisation.

HR staff can be trained in many ways to foster such teamwork. They can be trained in how to encourage team members to work with, instead of against, one another.

Learning Problem-Solving Skills

In every HR department, the need to solve problems among disgruntled staff members exists. HR team members insufficiently trained in problem-solving skills can find themselves overwhelmed by one problem after the next. On the other hand, quality training can teach team members the skills they need to resolve problems quickly and effectively. This nurtures better employee relations by solving minor issues before these become significant disruptions.

Encouraging Positive Attitudes

Most employees who pay a visit to the HR department do so because they have a problem or complaint. This is well understood by every HR manager and staff member. What is not well understood is the reality that bad attitudes cultivate more bad attitudes.

One of the things we try to accomplish in HR employee training is teaching how to counter a negative attitude with a positive one. HR team members who learn how to promote positive attitudes can more easily turn a problem or complaint into an opportunity. Once again, fostering positive attitudes encourages better employee relations throughout an organisation.

As a HR adviser, I know full well how difficult it can be for the HR department to foster good employee relations. It can be a difficult task even on the best of days. Having said that, improving employee relations is made easier when HR team members are properly trained.

HR employee training in the arena of employee relations teaches staff members critical skills. It does not rely on dumb luck, well-rehearsed platitudes, or unrealistic expectations. Rather, it relies on tried and trusted principles for improving the way employees relate to one another.

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