Useful Utilities

Useful Utilities

We all love to have a new machine on our desk. Often as not though there is a tinge of disappointment when you can't find an application to help you out with the day to day housekeeping routines. The ones supplied by Microsoft are not quite up to the tasks you are looking to fulfil.  On top of that, we are all inundated with marketing emails and internet ads that implore you to use this or the other utility app to help get more out of your system.  Often as not they are rubbish, and the ones that seem not too bad suddenly pop-up with a warning to say that it will only work for a test period, or if you really want to use the main features then you will have to cough up some money - and then there is no guarantee that it will actually do what you want it to do even then.

From past experience, there are a few pieces of software, generally free, that can provide some frequently required help in your day to day operations.

So, when setting machines up for new users there are a number of useful apps that I recommend and install if accepted by my clients…


Anti-virus software and much more. You can start with the version which is free to basic end-users, and can be migrated to the more sophisticated version if you wish to.  It has stood me in good stead for many years, without having my pockets constantly drained by the mainstream offerings, that will try and install themselves by default all too often.


This software, for which donations can be made, lets you synchronise files across drives and/or machines, either one-way or both. If you are finding that your Cloud solution just isn't keeping pace, or you want to sync your email client’s files, this is the one for you.  For those repeated jobs you can save the sync parameters for future use. It makes so much easier. 

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free version

Keeping abreast of the rubbish that comes down to you over the internet, redundant entries in your registry, adware, etc., etc. is a little task that needs to be done regularly.  This piece of software is robust and dependable. Run it weekly / monthly and worries of infection can be forgotten.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Together with the product above this strengthens you defences against attack. It searches out the rubbish left on your machine from applications you have decided to remove, the temporary files that were left by other software updates, and all manner of unrequired detritus.



From time to time you may need some assistance in the resolution of a problem. This may need someone to 'lay their hands on' in order to see what the problem is, and then to resolve it.  This application does just this. It offers a password protection method where the password changes every day ensuring your machine isn’t accessed without your permission.  Equally you can use this to remotely access your machine from say your smartphone or tablet, as well a PC, allowing you full access for remote working.

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