Hullo.  I'm a graduate chartered accountant with 25 years experience in blue chip businesses and the last 15 years in owner manged businesses.  My particular skill is turning data into information. Bringing the performance management of the business alive so that it is actually useful.  We call it Management by Metrics.

This can lead in all sorts of directions, depending upon the needs of the business and your interests.  Be it for

Strategic development

Tactical delegation

Minimising exposure to tax

Maximising your personal wealth


Whatever your needs or interests lets have a chat and see how we can help you develop your business.

Management by Metrics

It all started with the Balanced Scorecard seminar I attended whilst I was an Alumni Board member of Ashridge Management College.  It opened my eyes to developing information beyond the Management Accounts pack.  We used the balanced scorecard concept to develop our vision and mission, with each objective owned by a Director. It led our board discussions.  This was the backbone of a highly successful management buy out and exit in the 90's.

Since then I have developed considerable ability with Business Intelligence reporting capabilities between Finance Systems and Excel. This is linked with a focus on developing forward looking information compared to original plans / budgets.

How we help

How we help

Metrics Management

Turning Data into Information

Expert Financial Management

We offer part time Finance Director services to owner managed businesses.  This can range from sorting out the strategy and implementation of it, through to managing the finance department.  This frees you to get on and drive the rest of the business to best effect.

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