David Orren works with CEOs and executive teams of high-potential B2B technology solution providers to focus on the few things that really matter to achieving break-through business growth.


David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained internationally over 30 years as a specialist coach in the tech sector. He has successfully led, advised, trained and developed executive teams on practical strategies to accelerate profitable growth by focussing on their unique resources and capabilities to create competitive advantage.  


Contact David today for a confidential discussion on your business goals at +44-7914-223 691.

David Orren is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Business Advisor to CEOs and executive teams in the Technology Sector. He is an MBA with wide leadership experience developing strategy and building profitable growth for innovative start-ups and industry leaders in Europe, USA, and Asia-Pacific.


As Chairman of Thames Valley Business Advisors David leads the TVBA’sTechnology Business Growth Practice. He maintains a global network of experienced market sector specialists via theInstitute for Independent Business., and he is an active Member of the Association for Coaching.

How we help


    Not enough Sales


    Not enough cash to grow the business


    Missing key skills in the business


    Can't keep good staff for very long


    Need more energy and innovation in the business


    Great product, but customers aren't buying


    Marketing is not working


    We get leads, but we are not closing enough


    Not selling enough services


    New competitors infiltrating the market

How we help

Technology Business Growth

Accelerate sustainable growth for your Tech Sector business.

International Markets

You have an exciting product with global potential. Staying local will limit your growth opportunities. But you know that going overseas can be risky, complex, ande expensive. You aren’t sure when is the right time to get started.   

To succeed overseas, SMEs need the expertise and global networks that larger international businesses take for granted. TVBA helps you and your leadership team develop cost-effective strategies for international growth. You’ll be able to build confidently on your unique resources, capabilities and market position to succeed in world markets.

Contact David today to discuss next steps to grow your business overseas.

Thinking Partner & Non-Exec

You are competing for business in a tough market. The stakes are high aned the risks are real.  Your team is stretched, with key skills gaps. You are often alone, without an experienced peer to test ideas, or develop strategies and decisions.

Successful leaders use ‘thinking partners’. As experienced business peers, we’ll work closely with you and your executive team. Together, we’ll focus energy on the few things that really make a difference to creating extraordinary results for your business. 

Contact David today to discuss how we can help you achieve extraordinary business goals, more quickly and more confidently.

Transform Your Sales

You have a great product, but even your best sales people are struggling. Today’s digital economy means the customer buying journey has changed. Customers don't buy like before, and conventional selling no longer works like it used to.

We help leadership teams transform sales and marketing performance by removing obstacles from the past. We help you to adjust your sales strategies to reflect how customers buy today. 

For a confidential conversation on how to double your sales growth, contact David Orren today.

UK Soft Landing

You're a dynamic business with great products and growing revenues. You know Britain is a key market, but it’s expensive here, and businesses culture can be very challenging. Businesses which don’t adjust tend to suffer. We help overseas clients land their businesses softly, and expand safely in the UK.

Contact David Orren today to explore how we could help you to expand your business successfully in the UK.

Business Innovation

Innovation is essential and standing still can make your business vulnerable. Do your legacy commitments prevent your team from looking forward? This can leave you exposed to more agile competitors.

We help clients build innovation into their organisation. Contact David today for a confidential discussion on how innovation can begin to prosper in your business.

Successful Business Change

Change is a constant in the technology business, so bringing your people with you on key changes is essential. Engaging your key influencers early on is vital. TVBA works with busy executives on the few things that really matter to empowering successful business change.

Speak to David today about making successful changes to achieve your business goals.

What our customers think

"David led our growth in the UK building a successful business. When we faced local challenges business would have been much more difficult if we had not had David and his senior people who understand the market, culture, and legal framework in the UK, on the ground and on our side".

Andreas S., CEO - Specialised IT Services, Berlin

"It was vital to have local support from people who understand the market".

Mark D., Financial Director - eInvoicing, Dublin

"You have been extremely helpful to us across a range of issues that would have been very difficult to resolve without external help".

Adam L., Managing Director - Niche Software, Middlesex

"You were able to help us better articulate value and to move on from the more traditional approach to selling products instead of benefits".

Andrew C., Managing Director - Data Management, Berkshire

"You helped us identify new opportunities in a market that was ideal for our product set".

Andy S., Managing Director - Communications Technology, Buckinghamshire

"TVBA helped us develop a better understanding of what we needed to do with Digital to support our customer journey"

David T., Financial Controller - Financial Services, London

"Thinking through a bigger picture plan for the business helped me to adjust expectations of my own role as leader, and to make some different resourcing decisions".

Elliot L., Managing Director - AV Technology, Buckinghamshire

"We needed someone with David's senior commercial experience and network. He is always there when we really need him".

Ian D., Managing Director - Medical Devices Business, Oxford

"David listens carefully and asks very good questions. He helped us to figure out a new approach for ourselves and to design a way forward that was quite different but which made sense for our business".

Kevin K., Managing Director - Digital Property Solutions

You helped us develop our customer journey and rethink how we and our partners are able to turn sales and marketing into a value additive process and achieve a more productive customer engagement.

Mike R., Managing Director - CRM Publisher

"Our conversations were highly revealing and we will be changing our approach to emphasise value much more throughout the marketing and sales cycle".

Nick T., Sales Director - Niche Solutions House, Berkshire

"I get a lot of value out of our discussions and not always the results I expected going in".

Tom A., Managing Director - Software Development Business, London

Thames Valley: International HQ Opportunity for Tech Sector

We all know that London is both the capital of the country and one of the United Kingdom’s most important cities for business. Some of the biggest names in international business are located there. But is London the right choice for establishing your headquarters as a business engaged in the tech sector? Probably not. Indeed, the Thames Valley would be a better choice for you.

Matrix Management Catch-22 – Soft Landing in UK for USA Tech Sector firms

US tech sector firms making a soft landing in the UK have to deal with a long list of challenges that come with global expansion. The larger a tech company is, the greater those challenges tend to be. At the top of the list is establishing a management structure that enables the company to achieve its desired goals in the UK without compromising its fundamental vision and mission. Enter the matrix.

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