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Building a happy team is a crucial part of business success. But sometimes things can go wrong. Robin helps SMEs catch and resolve employee relations problems early to ensure employees stay loyal and happy, and he helps to navigate, and ideally avoid, the hazards of employment tribunals. Robin has more than 30 years’ experience as a HR Advisor in this country and abroad, with a particular emphasis on SMEs. 20 of these years have been as a lay member on Employment Tribunals, giving a unique perspective on clients’ HR decision-making providing solutions which are not only legally defensible but which are also good for your business.

How we help

How we help

Employment Relations Troubles

Are SME, resources stretched and now HR problems?

HR Training

Your team needs to handle such matters confidently and properly and Robin’s training will encourage your managers to take the initiative to resolve issues at an earlier informal stage, making the improvements in both performance and productivity which are vital for the success of your business. Your contracts of employment will be an essential part of this training, as will various Codes of Practice, and such training and support will also provide confidence in the application of the various statutory procedures, for example those dealing with maternity and parental rights and flexible working.

Productivity for Profit

Your employment contracts and employment procedures need to be readily understood by all your employees, together with up-to-date job descriptions, so that the requirements of your business are clear and unambiguous. The pursuit of improved productivity, growth and profitability require that all employees receive a regular appraisal of their work and contribution, even the most junior. Such appraisals should not be complex and, effectively handled, can improve employee performance and generate greater commitment to the needs of the team and the business. Such positive engagement of your employees in the Company should also reduce the instances of nerve-racking HR problems.

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