Rod Sears has been helping small to medium sized businesses to grow and prosper for over 15 years. Using his own experience prior to that as owner and MD of a number of successful SMEs himself, he helps businesses get from where they are now to where they want to be? Rod helps owner managers take a step out from the day-to-day business to take a truly objective view of their organisation to establish a clear action plan of what they need to do to achieve greater success.

Achieving Your Business Objectives

Business changes faster than ever. Owner/Managers of small to medium organisations often do well just to stay level with their often larger competitors. Taking a step out of the business to plan strategically so that an SME grows ahead of the competition and leads the way can seem like an impossible vision. But all SMEs should plan strategically and can do so highly effectively with the right advice alongside them.

Working ON the business rather than IN the business is the challenge. Organisations need to take a top-to-toe strategic review of their operation with the right advisor and facilitator alongside them to ask the right strategic questions and identify issues that need to be addressed in a clear and objective fashion. That way a proper action plan can be established for meeting the objectives of the business going forward. Plans can change, but without one at all, Owner/Managers often end up going from one firefight to the next and never having the time to truly take an objective overview of the organisation. Contact Rod Sears today to discuss putting together a strategic plan for growing your business and getting it to where you need it to be.

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