Hello, I'm Tim and I'm a specialist in corporate finance for the owner managed business. If you've been approached to sell your business, or you are thinking of buying a business or you just want to know what your business is worth, let's talk.

Buying and Selling businesses successfully

Many years ago, I qualified as an accountant but please don’t hold that against me. I was involved in post-acquisition integration for an oil business and then joined the acquisition team. I moved into the IT industry and helped take a company public on NASDAQ before moving to Hong Kong where I opened offices across Asia Pacific. I bought my own business in 1997 when we returned from Hong Kong and then took the opportunity to join an acquisitive IT business helping them complete several acquisitions of owner-managed businesses in a very short space of time. I've been involved in Mergers and Acquisitions since the 1980's! I have experience in the oil industry, distribution, information technology, manufacturing, engineering, and construction. I have been advising owner-managed businesses since 2002

How we help

How we help

Exit Strategy & Company Sales

Utilise a professional business brokers skills when selling.

Growth through acquisition

Responding to an approach

You have had an unsolicited and unexpected approach to buy your business, but you don't know if the buyer is serious or if this is a good deal. This may be your life's work and the future of your family so you don't want to sell for less than you should. You probably haven’t done this before and don’t have the knowledge or experience – you might be missing a trick. You need some help! Get a valuation and then expert negotiation to get the information you need to make the right decision - for you.

What's the value?

Your business may be everything to you, but the final value will be what a willing buyer will pay. Estimating that value is an art form - every business is different, and every sector has its own characteristics. We use a wide variety of techniques, but also look to understand and identify the value drivers and value drainers for your business.

Your Business Friend

You are on your own running a business, and sometimes it’s good to talk to someone who can help.You can’t talk to your management team, and taking your problems home from work doesn’t earn you any brownie points. As the advert used to say “It’s good to talk” and even better if you are talking to someone who has been there and experienced your situation. Even the most elite athletes have a coach helping them achieve their best – shouldn’t you?

Which way now?

There are times in your business when you come to a crossroads and you are not sure what's the tight direction. Taking the time to step back from the business in a facilitated workshop will clarify your thinking and get you on the right road. We have experience in businesses of all shapes and sizes and access to a wide range of helpful tools.  Spend a morning with us to take your business to the next level.

R&D Tax Credits

If you are not sure that you qualify for R&D tax credits, please watch the video and get in touch. We will help you identify the projects that qualify and the costs that you can claim for and then document the claim for HMRC, 


Acquisition Workshops

A fun and interactive workshop to help you establish a strategy for acquisitions and put in place the building blocks to create criteria to select the right kind of business to buy and what to do once you have bought it.

Snakes and Ladders in business

Don't overlook acquisitions as a way to grow your business. Buying a business., when done correctly, can save you time, effort and money.

Exit Planning in practice

There’s a lot of information about exit planning available on our site and others, but here is a real life, practical example.

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