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An SME, resources stretched and now HR problems?

Grievances and disciplinary issues are difficult and stressful for SMEs.  Your business like most SMEs probably has limited internal HR resources making the procedures and processes for resolving such problems a minefield and often appearing to require the wisdom of Solomon to resolve.  HR issues need prompt action and Robin will provide you with timely support by telephone, email or face-to-face to deal with specific problems as they occur.   This helps to defuse the stress for all involved, improves the prospects of a defensible conclusion and crucially takes account of the needs of your business, restoring some sanity.


Data Reveals Unhealthy Level of Worker Dissatisfaction

It is news that no HR adviser wants to hear: an important client's management team is losing a key player who has found a position with another company. What does the adviser say? Indeed, what can be done – if anything at all – to keep that staff member from jumping ship?

Written Contracts: Above and Beyond Employment Terms

​The law requires employers to provide employees with a written 'statement of terms' that explains the terms of employment. However, such a statement is the bare minimum. As an HR adviser and someone who specialises in HR administration training, I suggest going beyond the bare minimum to create a written contract for every employee.

Business Pros: We Aren't Getting Enough Training

How would you feel if I told you that a significant portion of the UK's business professionals don't believe they are equipped well enough to do their jobs? How would you react to those same professionals claiming they are not receiving enough support and training from their employers? Unfortunately, both assertions are true. New research just released by ILM reveals that things in the professional world are not as they should be.

Top 5 Employee Appraisal Tips for Managers

Below are my top five employee appraisal tips for managers. These tips come from my own experience as an HR adviser and employee relations consultant over the last 30 years.

Making Dispensable HR Professionals Indispensable

One of the most common pieces of advice offered by an HR adviser is to work to make yourself indispensable. Employees who do so are less likely to be replaced on a whim. Unfortunately, the majority of HR professionals in the UK don't see themselves as indispensable. I want to do my part to change that.

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