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An SME, resources stretched and now HR problems?

Grievances and disciplinary issues are difficult and stressful for SMEs.  Your business like most SMEs probably has limited internal HR resources making the procedures and processes for resolving such problems a minefield and often appearing to require the wisdom of Solomon to resolve.  HR issues need prompt action and Robin will provide you with timely support by telephone, email or face-to-face to deal with specific problems as they occur.   This helps to defuse the stress for all involved, improves the prospects of a defensible conclusion and crucially takes account of the needs of your business, restoring some sanity.


Avoiding Employee Tribunals Via HR Skills Training

The last thing small business owners want is a notice informing them of a complaint that rises to the level of an employee tribunal. Tribunals are expensive and can lead to all sorts of legal quagmires companies want to avoid at all costs. As an HR adviser and expert on employee tribunals, I have come to understand that being proactive by way of HR skills training is the best way to avoid tribunals altogether.

Employees Need Clear Goals and Constructive Feedback

Human beings are a species that thrive on accomplishing things. In the past, we have built pyramids, travelled to the moon, and battled sickness and disease at an epidemic scale. Without goals to achieve, people languish in what could have been had they known what it was they wanted to do.

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