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We work with you to identify what you need to know about, and then find ways to deliver that to you, regularly, easily.

We use this to identify targets so you can see the impact your managers are having on the business.

Using all the concepts of the Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators.

Research: Hyperscale Dominates in the Cloud

New data just released by Synergy Research shows clear dominance of cloud computing by a small number of companies considered hyperscale operators. Though the results of the research come as no surprise, the data does offer helpful insights to smaller companies looking to keep up. As a business data analyst, I can see the value in the research beyond mere recognition of the industry's biggest players.

3 Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence, in and of itself, does not constitute a golden ticket that ensures company success. In fact, the best business data analyst in the world cannot produce enough data to guarantee a client will succeed. Business intelligence is just one in a much larger collection of tools that businesses use to compete in the digital era.

Business Data Consulting Grows – Are You on Board?

A competent business data analyst could mean the difference between great success and merely existing as a company. Which do you prefer? Companies that continually want to grow and excel must be prepared to compete at the highest level. Business data consulting is a big part of that preparation.

Business Data: Protecting Against the Criminal Finances Act

Corporate tax evasion is a serious crime whether committed purposely or in ignorance. From April 2017, it became a more serious crime with the implementation of the Criminal Finances Act 2017 (CFA). It is now more important than ever to make sure your company's finances are in order as protection against being found in violation of the law. Business intelligence reporting can be a crucial tool to that effect.

Is Microsoft's Vision of Business Intelligence Really the Future?

If Microsoft has anything to say about it, virtually any IT professional with a basic understanding of big data will also be capable of being a business data analyst. That is allegedly the goal of their Power BI software, according to a recent report from Forbes. Microsoft has just announced a premium edition of the software first released a couple of years ago.

A Business Intelligence Expert Will Utilise Predictive Analysis

Modern business is all about data. It is about collecting data, analysing it, and finding useful ways to employ it. Every business intelligence expert claims to know how to do it, by the way. The question to ask yourself is whether your company is making the best use of collected data by applying the concepts of predictive analysis.

Metric Management Consulting: Find the Right Metrics

A business data analyst presents the quarterly business intelligence report to executive management. The executives look over the report, ask questions, and discuss the data among themselves, yet at the end of the meeting no decisions have been made. Furthermore, management is confused about what all the data means. What's the problem? Too many metrics.

Big Data Must Give Way to Useful Information

The term 'big data' has become a nearly universal catchphrase intended to describe the large-scale collection and analysis of data for predictive purposes. Still, its use does not indicate the ability of those who use it to actually make the most of the data they collect. Therein lies the biggest reason the big data paradigm continues to be criticised.

Data Tells the True Story of Robotic Technology

The Green Party recently came out with a new call to reduce the work week from five days to four without penalising workers. Party leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley are leading the charge under the assumption that robots and additional human hires can make up for the lost productivity a four-day work week would produce. But is the Green Party proposal reasonable? Data can provide the answer.

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