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Introducing The TVBA

TVBA (Thames Valley Business Advisors) are a team of independent, specialist business advisors who operate in Thames Valley and aim to develop practical solutions to business challenges brought to them by business owners and senior executives.

We accomplish this by using the flexible range of services that an individual member has developed themselves, these services include: coaching, advisory, training, interim, non-exec and other more specialized business-change programs.


Effective planning and strategy is a necessity for SME’s as resources are smaller in comparison to large businesses meaning mistakes cannot be made. This can often lead to SME business leaders feeling isolated and without expert advice that the larger businesses have.

The independent experts at TVBA are here to relieve the pressure executives have when making key decisions on complex matters allowing you to compete with large businesses with confidence.

It doesn’t matter what industry sector you operate in, it’s important you know that business in general is faster and more competitive now more than it is have ever been. It’s not just important that you make the right decisions but that you do so quickly and execute decisions confidently.

The TVBA Practices

Employee Soft Skills

“An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate...

Employment Relations Troubles

An SME, resources stretched and now HR problems?

Growth through acquisition

Supercharge your growth through buying another business

HR Compliance

You have to comply with a plethora of legislation and regulations and face an increasingly...


"David led our growth in the UK building a successful business. When we faced local challenges business would have been much more difficult if we had not had David and his senior people who understand the market, culture, and legal framework in the UK, on the ground and on our side".

Andreas S., CEO - Specialised IT Services, Berlin


"TVBA helped us develop a better understanding of what we needed to do with Digital to support our customer journey"

David T., Financial Controller - Financial Services, London

TVBA Helps Level the Playing Field

Our mission is to ensure SME’s can confidently engage in their industry sector, with the same opportunities and access to qualified expertise and senior support that larger companies enjoy. TVBA’s team of experienced coaches, business advisors and sector specialists are committed to making sure SME’s can be as successful as their larger competitors.

Key Gaps

Thames Valley Business Advisors have founded, grown and led successful business and specialist areas at a senior level for significant industry leaders in both the UK and internationally. We possess best practice expertise that enables break-through success in today’s fast moving and increasing complex marketplace

Our associates understand the pressures that a business owner faces daily, whether that’s making tough decisions or attempting to achieve extraordinary goals. Developing a high level of clarity through forming plans and strategies enables you to act swiftly and confidently.

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Our track record speaks for itself and we are here to help you and work alongside you, Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve your business goals.