How do you find a buyer?

How do you find a buyer?

The right question is “How do you find the right buyer?”

For many business owners, the right buyer is not necessarily the one that offers the most money. It’s much more about the right fit and I usually summarise it as the one who you like and who offers enough money!

Finding the right buyer starts by getting to know you and your business. It’s a part of the exit planning process – an assessment – that allows us to identify the often hidden strengths and uncover any weaknesses in the business that need fixing.

Once we have completed that assessment we can create an “avatar” of the right buyer.

This avatar will usually describe the characteristics of a business that can take what your business does and add it to what they do. We’re looking for the strategic sweet spot where the whole, the combination of the two businesses, is greater than the constituent parts.

That’s almost certainly not your direct competitor. They won’t see that extra value and may get the most benefit from acquiring you to strip out duplicated costs.

The avatar allows us to research the market for companies that have the right characteristics. When we have identified a good match we can make individual approaches to those matching companies.

You don’t need to “go to the market” and tell the world about your business and that it is for sale. You only need to talk to the right buyer.

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