What can the TVBA offer you?

"David led our growth in the UK building a successful business. When we faced local challenges business would have been much more difficult if we had not had David and his senior people who understand the market, culture, and legal framework in the UK, on the ground and on our side".

Andreas S., CEO - Specialised IT Services, Berlin

"It was vital to have local support from people who understand the market".

Mark D., Financial Director - eInvoicing, Dublin

Dan has many years of industry experience and insight which proved invaluable during the early stages of developing our business. Dan is extremely professional and very quickly integrated into our business and understood the challenges and support required. Dan led a number of key projects for Chime and I would highly recommend his consultancy services.

Aaron Powell, Managing Director - Chime Software

MCS global wished to purchase our product distributor in Australia.  The purchase was made in conjunction with  a senior manager in the distributor as a co-shareholder "Tim coached me through the entire process from establishing a price, negotiation with the seller and negotiating with the new manager as a shareholder. He helped me recognise the emotions in play and empathise with both the vendors and the new manager. He showed himself to be an excellent communicator, providing real clarity and business insight."

Acquiring a business - MCS - Purchase in Australia

"You have been extremely helpful to us across a range of issues that would have been very difficult to resolve without external help".

Adam L., Managing Director - Niche Software, Middlesex

"You were able to help us better articulate value and to move on from the more traditional approach to selling products instead of benefits".

Andrew C., Managing Director - Data Management, Berkshire

"You helped us identify new opportunities in a market that was ideal for our product set".

Andy S., Managing Director - Communications Technology, Buckinghamshire

We had products that people wanted, but we couldn’t cope with demand as our business was growing rapidly, we needed help prioritising, building structure, systems and processes. Getting Dan and the Scaleup team on board was the best decision we ever made – they transformed the way we work and the systems we use and the business is growing rapidly as a result.

Chris Parr, Co-founder - PRO Bike Tool

"TVBA helped us develop a better understanding of what we needed to do with Digital to support our customer journey"

David T., Financial Controller - Financial Services, London

"Thinking through a bigger picture plan for the business helped me to adjust expectations of my own role as leader, and to make some different resourcing decisions".

Elliot L., Managing Director - AV Technology, Buckinghamshire

We used Tim to help us sell a company. Throughout the process, Tim was very professional and extremely helpful. In two areas, in particular, we would have been at sea without his help: the initial preparation and research; the experience in negotiating with acquirers. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim and his team.

Help with sale - David Saul

"We needed someone with David's senior commercial experience and network. He is always there when we really need him".

Ian D., Managing Director - Medical Devices Business, Oxford

Equazion Limited is a family run business and Peter worked with myself, my wife Lynn who runs the cleaning side of the business and the accounts as well as Simon our son whose primary role is the organisation of the service contracts, maintenance, small works and the day to day operation of all aspects of the business. we were very pleased with the work Peter carried out for us, helping us to clarify where we were going and how best to get there. Peter was a pleasure to work with and should we have the opportunity to work alongside Peter again in the future we would do so without second thought.

Ken Gunston MD - Equazion Limited

"David listens carefully and asks very good questions. He helped us to figure out a new approach for ourselves and to design a way forward that was quite different but which made sense for our business".

Kevin K., Managing Director - Digital Property Solutions

As the owner of a business, it is sometimes hard to find an objective viewpoint on planning the right communication strategy for the business and for my clients. Simon helped me to clarify first steps, provided support and advice in selecting the suppliers and resources and worked alongside me to help my decision-making towards this transition, the outcome of which is now showing benefits. Karl Simpson, Founder & CEO, Liftstream Ltd  

Marketing Communications Plan - Liftstream Ltd

You helped us develop our customer journey and rethink how we and our partners are able to turn sales and marketing into a value additive process and achieve a more productive customer engagement.

Mike R., Managing Director - CRM Publisher

Peter has been working with Interface Force for over 12 months first of all under the government supported growth Accelerator Programme and then directly working to support the business. Peter’s presence has been invaluable over the past year by initially supporting the creation of a strategic 3-year plan, then helping the team to focus on many aspects of sales and Marketing including emphasis on customer retention. To ensure that the absence of colleagues did not impinge on the operation of the business Peter has effectively documented the Interface Force Sales and Operations processes. His presence at our monthly review meeting keeping the team working together, consistently achieving and heading towards our end of year goal has been very much appreciated. Peter is continually providing new ideas for improvement and it is a pleasure to work with him. I look forward to our on-going relationship to ensure that the team continues to be successful and consistently grow the business and its profits over the next few years.

Neil Johnstone - MD - Interface Force Ltd.

"Our conversations were highly revealing and we will be changing our approach to emphasise value much more throughout the marketing and sales cycle".

Nick T., Sales Director - Niche Solutions House, Berkshire

Peter has been working with me since September 2016. He has provided a business plan and justification for a £40,000 loan which I have now received and which will enable me to grow my business from zero to around £1m over the next 5 years. I look forward to continuing with Peter’s support and am confident that this challenging target will be achieved.

Nigel Cook - Venezio Lusso

Simon at the TVBA helped me to decide what actions I had to take to get the business where I needed it to be by asking the right questions and helping me to decide what strategy to put in place. By providing me with positive support, constructive feedback and advice, Simon helped me put together a list of actions to help successfully move the business to the next level. Without a doubt I don’t think we would be where we are now, if it wasn’t for Simon’s help…. Simon Taylor, Owner & MD, Oracle Storage Solutions

Planning for Growth - Oracle Storage Solutions

"I get a lot of value out of our discussions and not always the results I expected going in".

Tom A., Managing Director - Software Development Business, London