Barry Hill F.C.C.A., F.C.M.I. leads the UKBA Turnaround Group in the Thames Valley. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained as a qualified accountant with over 30 years in a variety of senior roles including Finance Director and Managing Director in the UK and overseas. Barry has a very rounded picture of most of the difficulties business life can throw at an SME. In recent years Barry has specialised in assisting SMEs to overcome serious financial obstacles. Barry works with the business owner(s) to establish how the business might survive and thrive. He acts as a professional interface with creditors and he mentors and trains SME business owners in financial measurement and awareness. For a friendly and confidential discussion on the challenge facing your business, contact Barry Hill at or call on 0781 7303 395

Business Turnaround

Barry provides a confidential service, helping business owners to properly evaluate and assess their current situation, from a professional and non-emotional position. Barry will work as required with the business owner(s) to review, analyse, correct, plan, restructure, refinance, reposition and assist the business to thrive and survive. In the event that the business is insolvent, Barry can call upon qualified professionals who, in confidence, can explain the legal position and assist and advise accordingly. Where funding is required Barry can advise on the most suitable form of funding and, if instructed to do so, will act as an interface to facilitate the funding process. Over recent years many SMEs have faced seemingly insurmountable debt burdens. Barry frequently assists business owners in restructuring debt (including bank debt), often being called upon to communicate with the appropriate parties in order to find a suitable solution acceptable to all. When requested, Barry is able to draw upon an extensive team of senior specialists in all areas to enable the business to move forward successfully. For a friendly, confidential discussion on the challenge facing your business, contact Barry Hill at or call Barry on 0781 7303 395.

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