Chris is a highly qualified CTO with broad technology background and multi-sector experience. He works as a CTO to businesses on a part time basis. He delivers strategy at corporate and product levels; including innovation, technical due diligence and post-acquisition integration. Chris combines a deep technology background with the rare ability to communicate with all areas of a business. Chris has an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge and a MBA from the University of Edinburgh. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered IT Professional.

Technology Strategy, Product Strategy Technical Due Diligence Creating high performing development teams, focusing on delivering tangible results to the business through Lean and Agile processes. Experience in areas includes CRM, databases, communications, management information systems.

How we help

How we help

Technical Due Diligence

Every business is at risk from internal and external agents, from cyber-crime to inefficiencies. If you need to ensure that there is a proper look 'under the bonnet' to identify areas that need strengthening, from Agile adoption not working, to security - even with ISO accreditation there are areas that may not be looked at fully by an auditor. Having someone with years of technical experience ask the awkward questions and dig into the areas to uncover what is known but not discussed can ensure that your technical department provides you with the best return on investment.

Technology Strategy

Often growth is limited by the technology or development. Increasingly new competitors will appear fast and out of the blue, benefiting from new technology. The direction your team has may be set by engineering or academic disciplines, and not aligned to the business. I help ensure that your strategy benefits from technology, and isn't hindered by it; get the best out of teams & align them to business goals. A short audit to identify the areas followed by practical strategies that I will help implement will make you more agile and more profitable.

Protect Your Company with Technical Due Diligence

With the introduction of the information age came the rise of a new discipline known as 'technical due diligence'. As an expert technology strategist and experienced CTO, technical due diligence is a core part of my skillset. I understand that it is critical to maintaining a company's security, viability, and productivity. It is something that cannot be ignored in a world that relies almost exclusively on technology to drive business forward.

Big Tech and the Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

For the last two years, Google has been spending millions of pounds on projects aimed at boosting both mainstream journalism and their own revenues. Now the tech giant has announced plans to invest some £25 million in the third and final year of their Digital News project. In so doing, Google is acting as a technology strategist to usher in the age of artificial intelligence via natural language processing.

Technology Strategist - SaaS Should Support, Not Hinder Business

Your company has hired a technology strategist to help streamline things. After a few days of poking around and analysing, the strategist recommends a lengthy list of changes, including abandoning some of the company's legacy software in favour of a software as a service (SaaS) model. The suggestion is a good one – but only if SaaS supports your business rather than hindering it.

Technology Strategy Consultants Have New Roles Amid Brexit

Last June, the UK saw a day that many thought would never come as voters chose to leave the EU. Some seven months later, the May government delivered a letter to the European Parliament officially triggering Article 50. The events mean a lot of things to a lot of different people; they mean very significant things to the technology strategist.

5 Questions Every Angel Investor Should Be Able to Answer

Angel investors are a unique group of people who have a passion for finding, and investing in, opportunities with tremendous potential. Tech angel investors are a bit more specialised in that the kinds of projects they finance tend to be cutting-edge projects for which the success ratio is about 10 per cent. It should be obvious that every investor is not a perfect match for every project.

Technology Investments and Brexit: Still No Clear Answers

Will Brexit hurt or harm technology investment in the UK? No one really knows. One technology strategist might live in fear of the eventual separation while another fully embraces it. Still other strategists are taking more of a wait-and-see approach. As a technology strategist myself, I can say that there are still no clear answers even with Prime Minister Theresa May officially invoking Article 50.

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