Hello I am Peter and I have been helping business owners of small and medium businesses since 2005. If you are a business owner or CEO that would like things to be better in your business then I can help.  If you  are ambitious and would like to grow your business by over 20% year on year then I can help you make it happen.  If you have a business problem that is keeping you awake at night then we can solve it together.



Strategic Planning and Modelling; Business Coaching,

You may be a business owner or CEO who needs someone to help you to "Bridge the Gap" between where your business is at the moment and where you would like your business to be in the future. You may be an ambitious business owner or manager who would like to build your businesses by at least 20% year on year for the next 3 to 4 years. In some cases, you may have specific problems which are costing your businesses money or cash flow and which you need to have solved. You will have no financial risk as I provide a 100% money back guarantee against the business failing to reach the agreed targets.

How we help

Many Business Owners and Managers Have Similar Issues to Resolve

When businesses start or new products are launched customer take up is initially slow in most cases giving cause for concern until growth "takes off".  When and if "take-off" occurs other problems arise including cash flow issues and resource issues. 

When businesses are mature they sometimes lack innovation to keep the products and team fresh and customers engaged.  Sometimes the employees lack engagement and motivation.


    New Business or New Product fails to "Take off"


    New Business or New Product "takes off"causing cash flow issues.


    New Business or New Product "takes off"causing resourcing issues.


    New Business or New Product "takes off"causing manager overload.


    The business is struggling to grow.


    A significant proportion of the employees lack engagement.


    The owner doesn't have an exit strategy


    There is an ageing team that needs refreshing


    Markets are changing more quickly than the business can react


    The business lacks capital for expansion.

How we help

Customer Retention

Business growth is fuelled by good customer retention.

Strategic Planning

Most business owners start their businesses with some sort of vision for the future.  In many cases the day to day minutae of running a business ensures that they spendlittle time consistently directing their business forward in the best way.  The result can be failing sales due to poor marketing, lack of innoation and poor staff motivation. 

Business Modelling

All businesses can be modeled mathematically to enable the business owner to carry out "what if" scenarios to enable them to ensure that external inluences, customer losses, supplier issues or regulatory changes can be mitigated against.

Risk Analysis

Few business owners are fully aware of the risks they are running when managing their businesses. These risks may be financial, regulatory or people oriented.  A low-cost business risk analysis should be taken by all business owners. 


With the introduction of corporate manslaughter for business owners, theft of company IP and the risks associated with Cybercrime and loss of data a review is to be highly recommended for all businesses as a matter of urgency.

What our customers think

Equazion Limited is a family run business and Peter worked with myself, my wife Lynn who runs the cleaning side of the business and the accounts as well as Simon our son whose primary role is the organisation of the service contracts, maintenance, small works and the day to day operation of all aspects of the business. we were very pleased with the work Peter carried out for us, helping us to clarify where we were going and how best to get there. Peter was a pleasure to work with and should we have the opportunity to work alongside Peter again in the future we would do so without second thought.

Ken Gunston MD - Equazion Limited

Peter has been working with Interface Force for over 12 months first of all under the government supported growth Accelerator Programme and then directly working to support the business. Peter’s presence has been invaluable over the past year by initially supporting the creation of a strategic 3-year plan, then helping the team to focus on many aspects of sales and Marketing including emphasis on customer retention. To ensure that the absence of colleagues did not impinge on the operation of the business Peter has effectively documented the Interface Force Sales and Operations processes. His presence at our monthly review meeting keeping the team working together, consistently achieving and heading towards our end of year goal has been very much appreciated. Peter is continually providing new ideas for improvement and it is a pleasure to work with him. I look forward to our on-going relationship to ensure that the team continues to be successful and consistently grow the business and its profits over the next few years.

Neil Johnstone - MD - Interface Force Ltd.

Peter has been working with me since September 2016. He has provided a business plan and justification for a £40,000 loan which I have now received and which will enable me to grow my business from zero to around £1m over the next 5 years. I look forward to continuing with Peter’s support and am confident that this challenging target will be achieved.

Nigel Cook - Venezio Lusso

Is Now time for you to do a SWOT Analysis on your business.

Analysing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in a Business

3 Reasons to Embrace Small Business Coaching

I am a professional business coach who has worked with business owners and executives of all kinds. I take great pride in a kind of small business coaching that seeks to identify individual needs so that individualised solutions can be developed. I do not believe in the typical one-size-fits-all approach to coaching.

How Size Affects Strategic Business Planning

Company size definitely affects strategic business planning at nearly every level. For smaller companies, more attention needs to be devoted to external factors that may otherwise inhibit growth. Larger companies shift their focus from external factors to those internal things that need to remain intact during global expansion.

Combine a Better Outlook with Small Business Coaching

It looks like small businesses are rebounding after suffering a significant loss of optimism during the last half of 2016. Business owners have more confidence in what the future holds despite the cost of doing business rising and the value of sterling falling. The increased confidence is good news, but now that better outlook needs to be maximised to its full potential. One suggestion is to embrace small business coaching.

4 Elements of a Strategic Business Plan

Strategic business planning can be compared to building a table. A table is nothing but a flat surface being supported by four legs underneath. Take just one of those legs away, and the table will not stand. A strategic business plan is very similar. It is built on four primary elements that support it as legs support a table.

Brexit Not Discouraging New Tech Companies

An interesting thing has happened to the tech sector since June 2016's Brexit vote. Rather than seeing large numbers of businesses either flee the UK or decide not to establish operations here, the exact opposite has happened. The tech sector is exploding. Tech company owners are certainly not being discouraged in their small business strategic planning or establishing new start-ups.

5 Benefits of Business Coaching

It is fairly normal for business owners and executives to do what they do without any consideration of coaching. We understand the idea of coaches in the arena of professional sport, but what we know to be true for sport doesn't seem to translate well for business – at least in the minds of some business owners and executives. I want to encourage you to step back and rethink your own position on business coaching.

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is reality

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