Simon Hollingworth helps small to medium sized businesses grow more quickly by enabling them to make the most from their marketing spend. Simon brings broad marketing management expertise from over 20 years developing marketing programs for SMEs. He advises business owners on how to achieve sales and marketing goals using practical and cost-effective strategies within the constraints of a small business marketing budget.

Marketing Content & Communications that Deliver

Business is changing. Effective planning is essential for getting the most from modern marketing and communications. This is true for all companies in every market. But in today’s increasingly complex digital world, SMEs cannot do everything. They must make important choices on the best strategy for communicating with customers and prospects; on the most appropriate methods to deliver maximum impact from the marketing budget. Most SME business owners in the Thames Valley have little formal training in marketing strategy, nor on how to make cost-effective marketing decisions that produce the best results. They often rely on a limited, hands on experience to make daily decisions that have continuing and dampening impact on their business. Choices that could allow them to make new and improved use of marketing tools; decisions for devising, setting up, implementing and using customer marketing database strategies, membership marketing communications and loyalty schemes, etc. Choices that will determine cost-effectiveness, value for money, new and returning customers, increased wallet share, and a satisfactory return on investment for the marketing spend. Contact Simon Hollingworth today to discuss the vision for your business and to explore how Simon can help you attract and retain the business that you need.

How we help

How we help

Building Online Identity

Helping SME owner mangers to write relevant and compelling content and copy on their websites and blogs to build an effective inbound marketing and lead generation strategy 

Planning Your Success

When you’re a busy business owner it can be difficult to know where to start with a marketing plan.

• What is the balance between new business and repeat business?

• How big is the market and where are the new markets to exploit?

• Do we need to develop new products or services?

• How do we approach the market?

I work with you to draw out the necessary information to answer these questions, and others, to provide you with a clear plan to work to going forward and to build on your strengths as an organisation.

Inspirational Online Content

I will take the strain out of building your online presence through development of content that delivers genuine inbound awareness and qualified leads.

For content to be truly effective in generating business leads it has to work across multi-platforms, be updated regularly and be current. To achieve that takes time – precious time that busy business owners and managers simply don’t have. That’s when your online strategy falls by the wayside in the real world.


I do have both the expertise and time to work with you to deliver regular content and develop your online strategy for future success.

Building Better Business

When you find yourself working in the business rather than on the business and the day-to-day workload seems all-consuming, a strategic planning and strategy session helps focus on where the business needs to work and change in order to meet the needs of the director(s).  As an objective coach and business advisor working alongside you, Simon helps you focus on a plan to build the business going forward. 

What our customers think

As the owner of a business, it is sometimes hard to find an objective viewpoint on planning the right communication strategy for the business and for my clients. Simon helped me to clarify first steps, provided support and advice in selecting the suppliers and resources and worked alongside me to help my decision-making towards this transition, the outcome of which is now showing benefits. Karl Simpson, Founder & CEO, Liftstream Ltd  

Marketing Communications Plan - Liftstream Ltd

Simon at the TVBA helped me to decide what actions I had to take to get the business where I needed it to be by asking the right questions and helping me to decide what strategy to put in place. By providing me with positive support, constructive feedback and advice, Simon helped me put together a list of actions to help successfully move the business to the next level. Without a doubt I don’t think we would be where we are now, if it wasn’t for Simon’s help…. Simon Taylor, Owner & MD, Oracle Storage Solutions

Planning for Growth - Oracle Storage Solutions

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