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Is your property restricting your planned growth?

May be the  location does not serve your clients nor your employees as well as it should. 

Helping businesses to manage their property matters

The reasons for re-evaluating your current property can be wide and various.

We can assist in determining what your options are, be it expansion, contraction, new build or modification of your existing facility.

 Our role is to assess  your needs and help you to evaluate the most cost effective solutions.

We will take on the many factors that are involved in the property processes and thus enable you to carry on focusing on your company.

Wales Project Offers Many Commercial Relocation Lessons

You have a small company looking at relocating to accommodate future expansion. Should you build your own building? Should you look for a commercial lease instead? Or perhaps you should consider getting on board with a new development project intended to revitalise the centre of your town. What do you do?

Lack of Landlord Innovation a Reason to Move

The ability of UK businesses to compete against those located in other G7 countries is being hampered by a lack of property innovation, according to a December 2017 survey conducted by the Property Directors Forum. Among other things, the data gleaned from the survey indicates that a lack of landlord innovation is sufficient reason to move when companies believe that doing so would help productivity.

Small Business Property Tax Relief Coming

The government ended 2017 on a positive note where small business property tax is concerned. If you haven't yet heard, one of the things they did was begin the process for rolling back the burdensome 'staircase tax' that has been crippling small businesses occupying multiple floors in a single building. A number of court decisions have the government working on other tax changes as well.

Know the Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold

While a leasehold purchase is not the norm for businesses looking to purchase new properties, such purchases are still possible. Therefore, it is important for buyers to understand the difference between freehold and leasehold before a deal is made. I can work with you on this as well as offer you advice on buying commercial property in the UK.

It Helps When Communities Compete for Business

I have been a commercial property adviser long enough to know that when communities compete to bring new businesses to town, those businesses benefit. Such is the case with Leeds and its ambitious attempt to lure Channel 4 to the area. The city and a number of its neighbour councils recently submitted a bid that is being followed by an aggressive campaign to let Channel 4 know that Yorkshire is a good place to be.

Don't Forget the Hidden Costs of Commercial Relocation

Commercial relocations are almost always driven by business decisions. One company may relocate because there is simply not enough room at the current location. Another might be relocating only a certain portion of the business in order to accommodate ongoing expansion. There are as many reasons for relocating as there are companies doing it.

Commercial Property Market Defies Brexit Fear

To hear a lot of business and commercial property experts speak in the weeks immediately following the Brexit vote, one would think that commercial property in cities like London and Manchester was on the verge of collapse. Those fearful of the UK's future were convinced that companies of all sizes would be exiting the UK as a result of our decision to leave the EU. Reality says otherwise.

Commercial Design and Build: Basics of the LPA Process

Your company is in the midst of an expansion project. You have found and acquired the ideal piece of property and now you are ready to begin the design and build stage. Understand that the easy part is over. You now have to engage with the local planning authority (LPA) before any substantial work can begin. Throughout the design and build stage, you will consult with government officials tasked with making sure things are done right.

Lenders Looking at New Commercial Property Metric

If it seems like the UK commercial property market is constantly on a roller coaster ride, your perceptions are correct. The property market operates on a seemingly unending cycle of booms and busts that are actually rather predictable. As a commercial property adviser, I've had to work with clients through these booms and busts. However, they may become a thing of the past if the Bank of England (BoE) has any say.

Commercial Property Consultant, Important Project Management

Your company has purchased a piece of land and is now in the midst of its very first building project. As you walk across the site, you see and hear the sights and sounds of construction all around you. Your heart races at the prospect of what your new headquarters will look like when all of this is done. And in the back of your mind, you are very appreciative of the commercial property consultant who will helped find a competent project manager.

5 Keys to Stress-Free Commercial Relocations

You have the date circled on your calendar. It is the day your company begins its commercial relocation. You are looking forward to it inasmuch as the new space you have selected will better orient your company for anticipated growth. Yet you dread the actual process of relocating. Your dread is completely normal. It is part and parcel with commercial relocations.

What Kind of Commercial Property Advice Are You Getting?

Buying and developing a new commercial property is no small undertaking. We recommend working with a commercial property advisor specifically for that reason. Between the practical aspects to legal and regulatory requirements, there is a lot to know about acquiring commercial property before a purchase is ever made.

Economic Uncertainty Driving London Office Leasing

Some predictions had the UK commercial property market collapsing after the June 2016 Brexit vote. Other predictions painted a picture of economic boom. In reality, commercial property has neither crashed nor boomed. It has remained relatively consistent, with one exception: leasing of office space in London and the South East. An increase in short-term leasing deals is due to the economic uncertainty.

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