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Supercharge your growth through buying another business

Great advice to help you buy a business

If you were to successfully acquire a business you could accelerate your growth achieving in months what would take years of organic growth. But you have not done this before and you have heard that some acquisitions fail. If you do the wrong deal or don't do the right deal, you miss the opportunity to supercharge your growth. You need to identify the right targets and do the right deal for your business.We will work with your leadership team to develop your strategy, research and approach and negotiate with targets to do the right deal for your business.

What our customers think

MCS global wished to purchase our product distributor in Australia.  The purchase was made in conjunction with  a senior manager in the distributor as a co-shareholder "Tim coached me through the entire process from establishing a price, negotiation with the seller and negotiating with the new manager as a shareholder. He helped me recognise the emotions in play and empathise with both the vendors and the new manager. He showed himself to be an excellent communicator, providing real clarity and business insight."

Acquiring a business - MCS - Purchase in Australia

How do you find a buyer?

How do you find a buyer?

That’s the question I am most often asked when a business owner is considering selling their business, but it’s the wrong question.

I've been approached to sell my business - what do I do now?

If you run a successful business, sooner or later someone will come knocking at the door offering to buy you out. There's a lot to think about and here are some tips

What makes one business worth more than another?

This week I’ve spent time with the owners of three businesses who want to sell.
The first is owned by a husband and wife team who have built a successful software business. This business has a worldwide customer base and long-term contracts. I’ve been negotiating with a prospective buyer and we now have the outline terms of a deal that exceeds the owners’ expectations.

Snakes and Ladders in business

Don't overlook acquisitions as a way to grow your business. Buying a business., when done correctly, can save you time, effort and money.

Routes to exit your business

The key to choosing the right exit route from your business is what you want from the sale.

Getting your business ready for sale

Most businesses are not saleable and the received wisdom amongst the community of business advisors is that only 25% actually sell. The rest either die on the vine when the owners retire (many businesses are not really businesses, just jobs) or are handed over to the next generation – of family or leader.

Exit Planning in practice

There’s a lot of information about exit planning available on our site and others, but here is a real life, practical example.

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