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The modern world we live in is ever changing and it has become a necessity for all businesses to utilise efficient IT systems to support and run their business.

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Dependent on the size of a companies’ operations, the cost of manpower can often be a bitter pill. In smaller operations the workload may not be sufficient to demand a dedicated resource to care for the IT installation, meaning that that to hand is often lacking in ability to provide adequate support. At the other end of the scale, the demands may stretch the resource that is available, leaving the company unable to resource new demands. In either case there is little or no ability to look to the future, and thus plan a course to move and improve.

You can improve productivity and save hours of time in the simplest of ways,...

How we help

Cloud working

How to work in a Cloud environment needs the right setup. Without this the files you want to get to may not have synced quickly enough, the data is out of date! Do you need a push or a pull model, but you don't need technical complications? TVBA can ease all this leaving you time to comcentrate on your business in hand, maximising the advantages of being able to work from a variety of locations.

Equipment Renewal

You have emails, contacts, and all wealth of past files that cannot be lost when you move to newer equipment. You don't have the expertise or time re-install the software, the printers, nor to make the transfers.

At TVBA we can take care of all of that for you, making the interface similar on all your devices if need be.


In May 2018, all businesses need to be GDPR compliant, whatever the size of that business. It replaces the Data Protection Act that we have all worked to up to now.

In the press and across the Internet there is am awful lot of confusion, spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), It is not, for those old enough to have been there, another Y2K type problem. You do, however, need to understand how it affects you, and what you need to do to ensure that you are compliant.

First of all, you need to understand what this regulation is about.

And then run through an audit of your business to identify any areas where you need to pay some attention.

You can do it yourself easily enough; but will that give you the peace of mind, and answer all of those gnawing questions that leave a feeling of uncertainty in your mind?


Health Check

Installed estate survey covering configurations of operating systems and software issues frustrating use. Peripheral issues – printers, modems, Communication/networks, Wifi, Lan Servers – configuration, utilisation of MS Office skills, Excel functions, Access databases, macro use, Internet policies eMail Policies. Website issues, design and maintenance, SEO Backups/Restore Defrag 1st / 2nd line support reqt Health reviews, Compliance

Site Management

Designed to augment your business;s operations, Service Management provides the IT expertise as when you need it. This is an extended service provided on an agreed basis for you. Dependent on needs it can be based on a day rate for a few days, to £350 for pre-scheduled call off days over a rolling periodic requirement. Tailored to meet your needs, adjustable to meet fluctuations in operations. You can get on with your business, without the worry of Technology skills you need but can't afford full-time, either on-site or remote.

Website Presence

Why are you having to spend time keeping content current, working out how to ride high in internet rankings, creating content for the social media? There is a business to run to stay profitable, without having to worry about the website. If contracted to TVBA we can supply the skills and resources you don't have from your burdened shoulders. A service tailored to meet your needs and your budget to handle content, SEO, and the social media parts can be organised to suit. Sounds like hours of time back for the real business.

What IT Support Services Actually Look Like

As a small business owner, you have probably been approached by companies offering IT support services for small business. If so, do you fully understand what you have been offered? The world of IT can be a complicated world to business owners who don't focus on it as a primary product or service. So trying to understand what's being pitched by an IT services company can be difficult as well.

Munich: A Case Study in Poor Project Management

For the last 15 years, IT experts working for the city of Munich have been attempting to migrate the city's systems away from Microsoft Windows and to a Linux operating system. Now they have done an about-face. The city council intends to reverse course and spend millions on returning to the Windows environment. The LiMux project Munich was so proud of years ago has become a case study in poor project management.

5 Reasons Small Businesses Outsource IT Services

IT support for small business is big business in the internet age. Because IT now plays a role in just about everything we do in the business setting, smaller companies cannot afford to have IT departments that don't keep up. Growing numbers of small business owners are turning to outsourcing partners to provide the IT services they need.

Is Oracle Move a Harbinger of Things to Come?

members of Oracle's hardware support team across Europe are looking nervously to the future after learning the company plans to transfer all its operations to Romania. Oracle explained the move as a cost-cutting measure as it seeks to consolidate hardware support in a single location. Could the company's decision be a harbinger of things to come across all business IT support services?

3 Reasons Every Company Needs IT Support

IT support for small business is what I do. I work as an IT expert and consultant, providing a full range of services covering everything from network security audits to fitting large server rooms with AC and Cat 5/6 network cabling. If I've learned anything during my years in the IT sector it is this: every company needs some level of IT support for business.

AA Proves That No Company Is Immune

I'm often asked by potential new clients why IT support for small businesses is so critical. They want to know what I can offer as a consultant that their in-house IT departments might be lacking. Fair enough. The answer to their questions can be found simply by paying attention to the news.

IT Support, Fundamental Policies for Your IT Department

Whether establishing the IT department for the first time or looking to improve an existing department, I encourage my clients to look at the policies they have in place. Every small business IT department should have a least six fundamental policies that govern how the department accomplishes its mission.

Why Remote Network IT Support For Small Business Is Critical?

Everything from internal computer systems to local and wide area networks have to be up and running at all times. To lose access to computer systems is to lose access to one of the most important tools for doing business in the modern era. To that end, IT support for small business should always include remote network support.

Ransomware: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Imagine booting up your computer only to find your login screen replaced by an ominous looking message from a government authority claiming you are in violation of some sort of regulation requiring the payment of a fine to unlock your computer. If this has ever happened to you, you have experienced what is known in the IT industry as ransomware. Ransomware is something that companies offering IT business support services should be very familiar with.

Mad Dash to the Cloud More like a Steady Walk

A big part of IT support for small business is consulting with companies as to whether they want to embrace the cloud or not. These days, getting into the cloud is seen as almost a necessity. But it's not. And, in fact, recent research released by The Register seems to suggest that the incredible mad dash to the cloud we've all been hearing about does not really exist. It's more like a steady walk.

Excel automation

Not more spreadsheets to analyse and chart…

Always a regular cry in the office. Reports produced on a regular basis need to be embellished, with charts that involve some fairly complicated calculations – cross-reference look-ups, previous month comparisons, and all that sort of thing.

Probably, now this is done largely by hand. The data sits in several spreadsheets and/or databases, and is extracted, filtered, pivoted and everything else that was necessary to get it ready, before feeding into a chart. When the chart was ready, it is pasted into the report.

Wouldn’t it be great with the data is all in one place, and with a single front-end, the necessary criteria set from drop-downs, it processed it all automatically

Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) you must:

· use personal information fairly and lawfully;

· collect only the information necessary for a specific purpose(s);

· ensure it is relevant, accurate and up to date;

· only hold as much as you need, and only for as long as you need it;

· allow the subject of the information to see it on request; and

· keep it secure.

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