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A business is someone’s life work to secure a good future for themselves and their family, so why is it that 75% of businesses never sell? To maximise what you can gain from your business it is important to consider the idea of selling your business and evaluate when your business peaks at its maximum value.

You want to secure the future for you and your family by selling your business, but 75% of businesses never sell, and you don't know where to start to get the best value. Opportunistic buyers will pay the minimum - if you can find a buyer at all - at that might not be enough for your needs Maximum values are achieved for businesses with sustainable and repeatable business models that generate income without the owner. We'll help you identify the value drivers and value drainers and then create and execute a plan so you can exit for maximum value.

What our customers think

We used Tim to help us sell a company. Throughout the process, Tim was very professional and extremely helpful. In two areas, in particular, we would have been at sea without his help: the initial preparation and research; the experience in negotiating with acquirers. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim and his team.

Help with sale - David Saul

Building High Performing Teams – GOALS

High performing teams are the fuel that drive every successful business. You obviously want your own teams to perform at the highest possible level, day in and day out. But that will not happen by accident. Business owners have to make a concerted effort to build high-performing teams and then keep them going from day to day.

Big Tech and the Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

For the last two years, Google has been spending millions of pounds on projects aimed at boosting both mainstream journalism and their own revenues. Now the tech giant has announced plans to invest some £25 million in the third and final year of their Digital News project. In so doing, Google is acting as a technology strategist to usher in the age of artificial intelligence via natural language processing.

Missing Key Skills in the Business?

An enterprising managing director good at what he or she does will grow a business more quickly than good talent can be recruited. This creates a skills vacuum that needs to be addressed so as to not slow down growth. It is a task that is easier said than done though.

Rapid Change in the Tech Sector Leaves Little Time to Learn

The speed at which technology is changing can be hard to comprehend at times. In just the last 30 years, we have seen the introduction of the internet, mobile phones, digital media, and on and on. This is good for business in that rapidly changing technology constantly opens new doors and markets. But it can also be bad inasmuch as rapid change leaves little time for learning among younger entrepreneurs.

Every Tech Business Leader Needs a Thinking Partner

Great athletes often readily acknowledge the one or two special coaches who enable them to break through their particular limiting personal barriers. We all have limiting beliefs, a tendency to impose barriers upon our own effectiveness and performance, quite unconsciously. Limiting beliefs are self-imposed limitations that affect our work relationships, acting as brakes on our performance and also on the performance of the organizations that we work with and lead. This is true for many great actors, lawyers, and so many other professions, including for coaches! But can it be really true for successful business leaders? Absolutely! Every great business leader needs a great coach to act as a thinking partner... and every great coach has a coach as well!

Why You Need to Care About Your Customer's Customer

Decision-Makers Look for Allies

Successful leaders seek out partners who care about the same things they care about. They seek out people who can help them to achieve their goals. And so they seek out allies who understand the customers and market segments they are targeting to win and serve.

Thames Valley - International HQ for Global Tech

Tech sector companies should be looking at opportunities in the Thames Valley. Benefits include excellent travel access, an educated and skilled UK and international workforce, well-developed digital infrastructure, and easy access to specialist resources including funding and professional advisors.

Finding the Back Door to Early Markets

Your company has developed a great technology innovation, product or service that you are passionate about. Your entire staff is equally passionate, yet sales are not happening as easily as you expected. You need to find a way in to the early market. What do you do, and how do you do it?

UK Soft Landing

US tech sector firms making a soft landing in the UK have to deal with a long list of challenges that come with global expansion. The larger a tech company is, the greater those challenges tend to be. At the top of the list is establishing a management structure that enables the company to achieve its desired goals in the UK without compromising its fundamental vision and mission. Enter the matrix.

Brexit Not Discouraging New Tech Companies

An interesting thing has happened to the tech sector since June 2016's Brexit vote. Rather than seeing large numbers of businesses either flee the UK or decide not to establish operations here, the exact opposite has happened. The tech sector is exploding. Tech company owners are certainly not being discouraged in their small business strategic planning or establishing new start-ups.

Combine a Better Outlook with Small Business Coaching

It looks like small businesses are rebounding after suffering a significant loss of optimism during the last half of 2016. Business owners have more confidence in what the future holds despite the cost of doing business rising and the value of sterling falling. The increased confidence is good news, but now that better outlook needs to be maximised to its full potential. One suggestion is to embrace small business coaching.

Technology Investments and Brexit: Still No Clear Answers

Will Brexit hurt or harm technology investment in the UK? No one really knows. One technology strategist might live in fear of the eventual separation while another fully embraces it. Still other strategists are taking more of a wait-and-see approach. As a technology strategist myself, I can say that there are still no clear answers even with Prime Minister Theresa May officially invoking Article 50.

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