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A business is someone’s life work to secure a good future for themselves and their family, so why is it that 75% of businesses never sell? To maximise what you can gain from your business it is important to consider the idea of selling your business and evaluate when your business peaks at its maximum value.

You want to secure the future for you and your family by selling your business, but 75% of businesses never sell, and you don't know where to start to get the best value. Opportunistic buyers will pay the minimum - if you can find a buyer at all - at that might not be enough for your needs Maximum values are achieved for businesses with sustainable and repeatable business models that generate income without the owner. We'll help you identify the value drivers and value drainers and then create and execute a plan so you can exit for maximum value.

What our customers think

We used Tim to help us sell a company. Throughout the process, Tim was very professional and extremely helpful. In two areas, in particular, we would have been at sea without his help: the initial preparation and research; the experience in negotiating with acquirers. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim and his team.

Help with sale - David Saul

Time to Flip Your Content Message

In modern business we ask a lot more from the content on our websites. When organisations first entered the online world, all but the first search engines and the early e-commerce sites were really just online brochures.

Is Now time for you to do a SWOT Analysis on your business.

Analysing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in a Business

3 Reasons to Embrace Small Business Coaching

I am a professional business coach who has worked with business owners and executives of all kinds. I take great pride in a kind of small business coaching that seeks to identify individual needs so that individualised solutions can be developed. I do not believe in the typical one-size-fits-all approach to coaching.

Why HOW we engage really matters

An effective client engagement process for Tech Solution vendors can provide huge value for both sides, especially in the fast-changing digital age. Large company CIOs and business leaders are not short of access to technical skills or to vendors. One or other technology is not generally the challenge.

Building High Performing Teams – GOALS

High performing teams are the fuel that drive every successful business. You obviously want your own teams to perform at the highest possible level, day in and day out. But that will not happen by accident. Business owners have to make a concerted effort to build high-performing teams and then keep them going from day to day.

Missing Key Skills in the Business?

An enterprising managing director good at what he or she does will grow a business more quickly than good talent can be recruited. This creates a skills vacuum that needs to be addressed so as to not slow down growth. It is a task that is easier said than done though.

HR Adviser, Employee Relations and the HR Department

Every business relies upon the efforts of individual employees to keep things running. Without conscientious, hard-working employees doing what they do, no company can succeed. And at the core of how employees perform are the relationships between them.

Rapid Change in the Tech Sector Leaves Little Time to Learn

The speed at which technology is changing can be hard to comprehend at times. In just the last 30 years, we have seen the introduction of the internet, mobile phones, digital media, and on and on. This is good for business in that rapidly changing technology constantly opens new doors and markets. But it can also be bad inasmuch as rapid change leaves little time for learning among younger entrepreneurs.

Every Tech Business Leader Needs a Thinking Partner

Great athletes often readily acknowledge the one or two special coaches who enable them to break through their particular limiting personal barriers. We all have limiting beliefs, a tendency to impose barriers upon our own effectiveness and performance, quite unconsciously. Limiting beliefs are self-imposed limitations that affect our work relationships, acting as brakes on our performance and also on the performance of the organizations that we work with and lead. This is true for many great actors, lawyers, and so many other professions, including for coaches! But can it be really true for successful business leaders? Absolutely! Every great business leader needs a great coach to act as a thinking partner... and every great coach has a coach as well!

Brexit Lesson for Tech Sector? Go Global!

Brexit has dominated the news headlines ever since the vote in June 2016. Whether you agree with leaving the EU or not, our eventual divorce from the rest of the European economic bloc means UK businesses are going to have to find new and better ways to trade. No Tech Sector business that wants to be a serious contender in the market can afford to ignore international opportunities for expansion. An Ostrich like response would leave us vulnerable to overseas competitors feeding at our expense and developing capabilities that put them in the lead.

While thinking 'outside of the EU' is new to many businesses, Tech companies are used to considering at least the competition from North America, if not the market opportunities. So, in some respects, we are ahead of the curve and have an advantage over many other types of businesses in the UK who have relied upon local markets.

Why You Need to Care About Your Customer's Customer

Decision-Makers Look for Allies

Successful leaders seek out partners who care about the same things they care about. They seek out people who can help them to achieve their goals. And so they seek out allies who understand the customers and market segments they are targeting to win and serve.

5 Benefits of Business Coaching

It is fairly normal for business owners and executives to do what they do without any consideration of coaching. We understand the idea of coaches in the arena of professional sport, but what we know to be true for sport doesn't seem to translate well for business – at least in the minds of some business owners and executives. I want to encourage you to step back and rethink your own position on business coaching.

Changes to Employment Tribunals Suggested

Now that the government has finished its consultation period relating to potential changes to employment tribunals, we should begin to get a better look at how the system will change in the future. Make no mistake; change is coming. It is simply a matter of how far the government will go to bring employment tribunals more in line with other kinds of tribunals.

5 Questions Every Angel Investor Should Be Able to Answer

Angel investors are a unique group of people who have a passion for finding, and investing in, opportunities with tremendous potential. Tech angel investors are a bit more specialised in that the kinds of projects they finance tend to be cutting-edge projects for which the success ratio is about 10 per cent. It should be obvious that every investor is not a perfect match for every project.

4 Elements of a Strategic Business Plan

Strategic business planning can be compared to building a table. A table is nothing but a flat surface being supported by four legs underneath. Take just one of those legs away, and the table will not stand. A strategic business plan is very similar. It is built on four primary elements that support it as legs support a table.

Excel automation

Not more spreadsheets to analyse and chart…

Always a regular cry in the office. Reports produced on a regular basis need to be embellished, with charts that involve some fairly complicated calculations – cross-reference look-ups, previous month comparisons, and all that sort of thing.

Probably, now this is done largely by hand. The data sits in several spreadsheets and/or databases, and is extracted, filtered, pivoted and everything else that was necessary to get it ready, before feeding into a chart. When the chart was ready, it is pasted into the report.

Wouldn’t it be great with the data is all in one place, and with a single front-end, the necessary criteria set from drop-downs, it processed it all automatically

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is reality

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